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LAThrowback 2018
Throwback Ultimate Support Fund.
Donations went to support BLU [UCLA Women’s Ultimate] and youth ultimate coaching, particularly in underserved communities in Southern California.
Wildwood 2017
Thanks to you and your participation fees from Wildwood 2017 we were able to provide financial assistance to numerous needs here and abroad.  From the recreation centers in Wildwood, to single mothers in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro, or our armed service members in Vineland Veterans Nursing Home the kindness of the “Frisbee Players” is well known.  We thank you on their behalf.
  • The City of Wildwood
  • Hope for a Better Future
  • PADA [Philadelphia Area Disc Association]
  • Warfighter Sports
  • Vineland Veterans Home
  • Atlantic Cape Community College Foundation
  • EHTGLAX Booster
  • DRCF
  • PHUEL [Philadelphia High School Ultimate Education League]
  • Tee Off for Veterans
  • Toys for Kids
  • Sisters of the Visitation
  • OC/UT Rotary
  • Chief Arthur Brown Foundation
  • Wildwood Recreation Department
  • 5 Mile Isle, LLC
  • Paddle Against Cancer
  • AMVET 911
  • St. Joseph Church
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